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06-29-2020 by Sebastien Tarride

With an increasingly high demand on the quality of the parts produced, the industrialization phases and the delivery lead times becoming ever shorter, control and optimization of the production tools become more essential than ever.

In this context, AXYAL, specialist in the development of innovative solutions for aeronautical market, in association with the IPREM laboratory of Pau University, is offering a CIFRE PhD on the improvement and optimization of its thermoforming process. Despite the apparent simplicity of this historic plastic transformation process, it is a technical process, difficult to optimize, in which the material undergoes very large deformations in an anisothermal environment.

Based on the study of the thermo-mechanical, linear and non-linear rheological behavior of fire-retardant and highly charged plastic materials, as well as on the experimental study of the thermoforming process (sheet deformation, thickness distribution and understanding / prediction of folds), the PhD student will have to carry out digital simulations of the thermoforming process on a simplified geometry but representative of the parts produced by our company in order to minimize lead time of industrialization of new parts while reducing non conformity during the production.

If you are a graduate of a Master or Materials / Process Engineer level, you can apply before Friday July 10th of 2020 by sending your application file to: