3D Printing - Direct Manufacturing

Speed ​​- Strength - Complexity

Our 3D printers, based on FDM technology, enable the realization of prototype parts, or small and medium batch-size productions, layer by layer, from the bottom up, by heating and extruding a thermoplastic filament. The thermoplastics that we offer (ABS, PC, PEI, PPSF) are the same as those used in the traditional manufacturing process; they are also as strong and environmentally stable as injected plastics, and their electrostatic dissipation, bio-compatibility or FST flammability properties are similar.

Other Technologies

Polyurethane Foaming


Composites Molding


Quality & Certifications

We are certified according to international quality standards: ISO 9001 & EN 9100

These strong commitments to quality are incorporated into the work of all our teams:

Customer first: our customers' requirements are the center of all our decisions.
Continuous Improvement: we take advantage of every lesson learned to fix our flaws.
Sustainability: our company works consistently to insure continuity and profitability.
Developing human relationships: we pay special attention to promoting and developing internal skills sustainably.

Since we are concerned about the impact of our business on the environment, we want to commit ourselves to eco-management by implementing ISO 14001 in the coming years.